This website explains in layman's terms the various causes and solutions to common violations.

  • Spam deluge and plain old scams of all kinds
  • Your computer security
  • Your website security - malware injections- Website displays Google Warning.
  • Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDOS) resulting in a bandwidth suspension.
    DDOS Attacks - current world situation
  • Virus/Trojans/Malware/Kiddie Script Attacks

Norse Attack Origins and Attack Targets

Feb 2014 - CloudFlare mitigated 400gbits per second DDOS attack for a European Client. These are serious floods.

CloudFlare has a Sydney based data centre presence.
Telstra's bandwidth costs are amongst the highest in the world. This creates costing problems of DDOS Mitigation in Australia.
See World Map

SmallPond Hosting is a certified partner with CloudFlare.

If you run into difficulties with a Denial of Service attack, CloudFlare can help keep your web presence online.


The types of threats that CloudFlare identifies is broad and includes email harvesting, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, comment spam, credential hacking, denial of service attacks and so on.

  • Web Content Optimization
  • Security Layer - firewalls
  • No Charges for bandwidth

CloudFlare handles more traffic, than Amazon, AOL, Wikipedia, twitter Apple and Bing combined (30 Billion page views per month). The large data throughput allows more effective the recognition of good and bad traffic.

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SmallPond does NOT store passwords or sensitive information such as Credit Cards on their servers. If clients lose passwords, a generated reset is required.

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